Our Goal is to provide our customers a qualitative and simple lifestyle range of products in connexion with their desire to discover new places, and allowing them to feel good at any circumstances.


About Roadsign

Roadsign is an Australian clothing & accessories outdoor and lifestyle brand. For those in love with travelling, wide open­spaces, and nature. Roadsign grants its consumers a comfortable and a qualitative range of products; allowing them to feel good under all circumstances, and to adopt a natural and simple way of life.


Let’s imagine Australia in the early 70’s, a country lying at the world’s end; and hosting a very peculiar wildlife rulling its large and wide landscapes.

Seeking real wild adventure, this was the idea of the first pioneering tourists coming to Australia, entertaining the idea of an “australian dream”. A remote piece of land, where everything had to be discovered. It’s the time of the first “backpackers”, adventurers willing to travel with the less possible equipment and remain in connection with nature. A new travelling philosophy in which sharing experience, stories, memories with others is a major component.

On the Outback roads, these first travellers were taking the well known Australian roadsigns standing on the side of the roads and preventing car drivers from animal crossing as a souvenir for home. Indeed, this created an increase of accidents involving wild animals on Australian roads. As a solution, in the mid 80’s Roger Carthew an australian native form Adelaide SA, came into the idea to market a plastic yellow item aimed to be distributed as souvenir gift. Meanwhile, he decided to sponsor animal shellters, hosting wounded animals:

Roadsign was born.

Roadsign has since become a real brand on its own, with a large portfolio of products, conveying the australian lifestyle values, and carrying on today it’s founder committment in animal protection and social engagement.


Being open minded, envy for discovery, and the preservation of natural landscapes and their inhabitants are key notions at the heart of our organisation and we would like to share them with our community. Roadsign struggles for the sharing between humans & nature, between cultures and generations, and for a come back to positives and concretes values: NATURE  FREEDOM ­ SIMPLICITY

Mission statement

Our Goal is to provide our customers a qualitative and simple lifestyle range of products in connexion with their desire to discover new places, and allowing them to feel good at any circumstances.



Roadsign is also involved in helping people. We have until now opened 5 primary schools in India in very poor and remote regions where education for children is not guaranteed.

Throughout our programm more than 500 Indian pupils have joined our schools and carry on today their studies at higher levels.

In Germany, means have been set up to support young children suffering from hardly curable deseases. This project was named “the kangaroos” and takes place in the city of Essen.

In France, ten percent of our profits made on our “goodies” accessories (i.e plastic yellow signs) are donated to the charity “No child without holidays” helping underprivileged children to go on vacation.

Animal Protection

Since its creation in 1985 our organisation is committed in protecting natural wildlife in Australia. In our farms around the city of Adelaïde we are hosting and taking care of wounded wild animals.

Our mission is to increase these actions on other continents and to contribute to the protection of endangered animal species.


Ultra Norway Race

Congratulation to Vincent Gaudin (France) who won the last edition of the ULTRA NORWAY RACE in 27h16. Maxime Dombeck (France) and Frode Lein (Norway) arrived successively in 2nd and 3rd position. The Ultra NORWAY Race is a foot race non-stop of 170 km, with 7 000 meters of positive elevation and competitor is in semi Self-Supported. The competition takes place in Norway, from the Lyngen Alps to Tromsø, 350 km north of the Arctic Circle.  

Opening Roadsign School Ceremony

We are happy to show you some pictures of the last opening School Ceremony that took place in the remote village of Shivarapatna, region of Bangalore. With the help of local builders, we constructed a new school building that will welcome 130 young girls and boys. These children will receive primary education and will hopefully continue their studies to a higher grade. We wish them all the best! In addition we would like to thank the Indian Government and The Rotary Club for their engagement. We hope you enjoy the pictures and very soon we will post of short video of the Event. Cheers!