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In Saint-Tropez, Australia and New Zealand burst on the movie screen


Roadsign was born in Australia. We like telling you the southern lands and today, it will be facing the camera. Beyond the natural magic of the landscapes, these countries and their inhabitants have a strong personality, a rich culture and quite a devastating humor revealed by beautiful movies, often unknown in our hemisphere. Who will be our guide? Bernard Bories, founder of the Antipodes Cinema Festival whose close partner we are, and who, from 8 till 14 October, has just celebrated its 20 autumns.       It begins by a Picnic at Hanging Rock… In 1977, Bernard Bories receives an emotional shock by seeing this Peter Weir's movie. He falls in love with Australia and with a cinema embodied by this director (who since realized Dead Poets Society, Witness or Master and Commander). From then, he will never stop discovering other pictures coming from the antipodes and will try to share them with the European public. Over the years, from Australian and New Zealand festivals to movie markets, Bernard knocks at every door, succeeds in broadcasting some films in Chambéry or Cannes. But it is not enough. Convinced that he has to value the 7th Oceanian art, to arouse the desire of buyers and the interest of a large audience, he "invents" the Antipodes Film Festival.   … And then goes on in Saint-Tropez. To welcome the event, it was necessary to find a place which has some affinities with the southern atmosphere. The sun, the sea and the cinematic fame of Saint-Tropez placed it at the top of the casting. Thanks to the help of a friend, Bernard Bories succeeds in submitting his project to the mayor who accepts the idea of lasting days projections in the unique cinema of Saint-Tropez. In October 1998, the first edition of the festival presented 3 movies. Twenty years later, the program gathers 16 films, 4 documentaries and 16 short films. We lived an intense week which attracted this year between 3500 and 4000 spectators of any ages and any horizons.         A cinema made for exploration and discovery Bernard Bories defines Australian and New Zealand cinemas as "a kind of genetic crossing between the best of American cinema and the best of European cinema". He evokes effective movies, well built, launching a wild eye on the society; artworks proposing strong sub-themes, often illustrated by a sharp humor, without ever giving up the real esthetics. This 20th edition welcomed several first movies, realized with great talent and sometimes no money, and prestigious and involved juries. The prizes rewarded West of Sunshine, Stray, Breath and Three wise cousins, films going from comedy drama to natural road movie, from initiative journey to urban road-trip. The best short film award crowned the "delirious" The Eleven o' clock. In brief, varies movies made for all tastes, to discover on       A festival based on passion and partnership His passion for the southern lands and the antipodes cinema, Bernard Bories shares it with so faithful volunteers coming of almost everywhere; a wonderful team making the festival successful for 20 years now. He did not miss the chance to have this year as special guest, the unclassifiable, New Zealand director-scriptwriter, Oscar-winning and Golden Palm in Cannes, Jane Campion. But without committed partners, it would not have been enough. He evokes the support of the city, the France-Australia Association, embassies of both countries and adds "Roadsign is an emblem of Australia, as a front door. A partner who enriches the festival, in particular with gifts for the festival-goers and of course thanks to the trophies recognizable between all."     A 20th celebrated anniversary For this anniversary, organize one Roadsign Australia night in the Papagayo Saint-Tropez, a famous club seen frequently by more stars than we could not imagine… A party where directors, actors, members and presidents of juries came to blow the birthday candles of the festival with M. Angus Mac Kenzie, Australian ambassador of Unesco; a way to come back home with good memories and to thank Bernard Bories who never stops increasing the reputation of this beautiful festival.   For the moment, he already returns to his cinematic and physical journeys, travels and meetings of any kinds with directors, producers and sellers; such an annual treasure hunt necessary to prepare the next edition of the Antipodes Film Festival.    
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NomaDidge, the musical trip


Did you read our article dedicated to Gregory Zwingelstein and to his passion of the didgeridoo? In this case, you will be happy to learn that the festival he wanted to create played its first score in 2018; the kind of project that we support because it means a lot to us. It is NomaDidge. And if you ignore what is a didgeridoo and its sounds came from the bottom of ages, follow the guide …     An innovative and human-sized festival   Thanks to his network of friends, musicians, didgemakers and other enthusiasts, Gregory was able to achieve his project. NomaDidge brightened up Saint Jean du Gard during 3 days. Far from big productions, the family and friendly event nevertheless required a big work. The philosophy of this festival requires great organizational skills.         It is about sensitizing a wide public in art and Australian ancestral culture. Build a quality and dense musical offer while facilitating the transmission between artists and festivalgoers; a program mixing 16 concerts with famous musicians and workshops where each can learn to blow, to make or to perfect. Add a shaded park, a craft market, recreational activities and a campsite for festival-goers; the festival also chooses sustainable equipment to limit its ecological footprint. Naturally, the help of the municipality is vital and Gregory adds that "24 top volunteers" played an essential role in the ambient serenity, without forgetting to thank Roadsign for its support. For the first edition, let’s say that it is a success.   No borders for music and sharing         The best musicians answered the call, coming from Europe and moreover. It is one of the strengths of NomaDidge. You will be thinking of discovering the didgeridoo of the aborigines and a traditional music… you’ll be surprised!   You will shiver to the sound of unusual instruments like the cosmic bow or the hand pan. You will not believe your ears by listening to the harmony between didgeridoo and percussions or unknown hip-hop, beatbox and funky accents. At NomaDidge, the creativity has no borders.         Gauthier Aubé, great value of didgeridoo in Europe, tells about hospitality and the helpful staff but also insists on the real link with the public. "We are on stage and at the same time festivalgoers. There is no distance, no cut ".   Rudi Delarbre is better known under his stage name, Zalem. For this first edition of the festival, he performed in duet with Adèle, another didgeridoo player. As musician, he appreciated good technical conditions and the susceptible dancing and warm audience. But with his partner Jeremy Nattagh, he also played the role of sound technician. "At first sight, the concert hall could seem difficult to wire. But with a good material, we produced a pleasant sound and had good returns".   To present the artists and liven up NomaDidge evenings, it was necessary to find a special Master of Ceremony. Gregory had already met Cedric Bertox on another festival. Cédric is a magician, with a poetic and offbeat humor, a little hyperactive and been used to conductor's role. The artist underlines the desire for sharing and the very human atmosphere. "The exchanges are easy. Everybody can tell his story and is also in the listening". The presenter points a merry challenge: "Many shows in three evenings of concerts, thus a lot of work. The natural and spontaneous exchanges between spectators and artists do that the timing is sometimes difficult to hold. But finally, it runs peacefully"         Been used to any sorts of events, Cédric adds that NomaDidge is not an elitist festival. "No need to be an initiated to appreciate him, no codes to be respected, an unpretentious, very well organized and really accessible festival; a successful bet".   Nothing could go well without volunteers. Even there, the spirit of sharing worked wonders. Marine Arnal was a member of it and confirms it: "in mind of the festival, volunteers' team immediately behaved as a family. Relaxed atmosphere, mutual aid, some friendships were even born ". Let us add that the distribution of tasks according to the preferences and the skills of each certainly facilitated their work. By staying in the service of festivalgoers, they were even able to join activities and concerts.         We put back that next year!   Set the date. Nomadidge will be back in Saint Jean du Gard next July. For the second edition, the municipality even asked them to schedule a free opening concert on Thursday evening. Our interlocutors will doubtless be there and do not miss arguments to give you the envy for an escapade in the French Cévennes. Gauthier encourages you to be curious "the didgeridoo is a thousand-year-old but extremely simple instrument with multiple sounds. It keeps us back to something surprising and easy to share ". Rudi insists "the atmosphere is simple and warm. A cocoon festival really opened on the world". Cédric invites you "the programming is fresh, diverse. The festival is playful and friendly. It is necessary to come… now". Marine is delighted at the will to protect the size of the event which favors the link between artists and public and meetings in general.   Our single advice: try NomaDidge!       For more information, check NomaDidge website! Pictures credits @Auka Sisa and @Didgeridoo Passion  
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Thomas Herdieckerhoff : the German adventurer


This 25-years-old man living in Munich plays keyboard and camera with the same talent. Mountain lover, he has already explored hidden corners by thirty countries on five continents to share the images and the story of his adventures.     Tell the real journey     To discover Thomas's escapades, follow the track of the german adventurer. Entitled "Real adventure travel blog", his site is not only a way to publish photos. It aims at telling and sharing the excitement, the experience of the real adventure, by showing the beauty and the uniqueness of every visited territory. Thomas wants the authenticity of his stories to challenge the readers.     He also insists on the use of this word. "It seems ridiculous to me to call adventure a short trip to taste the new “horchata latte” in coffee places in Mexico City or go on a shopping tour in Dubai…. The word adventure can be reserved for experiences that involve leaving your comfort zone, going to wild, unknown places”. A little salutary check on the meaning of real adventure travel! You rarely find Thomas at one of the most famous Instagram hotspots. It is hard for him to understand the pleasure one can have to visit and photograph these crowded places. Sometimes he crosses these touristic spots but he is constantly searching for unknown landscapes, unique viewpoints off the beaten track.     His images and stories all have one goal: encourage people to live the same adventures, while sharing tips and tricks about unique destinations. With his content, he tells stories that have not been told before and hope to motivate people to go where not many have gone.   Adventure version 3.0   The adventure, Thomas chooses to live it and likes sharing it as he did it recently in Santa Cruz's trek in Peru which he did with his brother and sister. You are not dealing with a lonesome adventurer defying alone all the stumbling blocks of his journeys as in the classic adventure novels. No! Graduate of a Master's degree in business, Thomas is a young man anchored in his time, at the same time curious, opened to the world, pragmatic and sincere. On his blog, you will find an invitation to work together, a frank and assumed call as we rarely see on this kind of sites. “Using my skills as a photographer and adventurer, I am looking forward to creating visually engaging and interesting content for both editorial and commercial purposes”.       His analysis of product placements, sponsoring and advertisements from bloggers and Instagramers provide valuable insights and is absolutely frank: « Influencer marketing, product placements, content marketing and branding through storytelling are rapidly growing markets. Such rapid developments always carry the danger to in a wrong direction. That is why influencers should try to close sensible, appropriate partnerships and make them apparent. I only work with companies whose products or services I know and support and that fit into my niche. For paid content, I select endorsements that are interesting to my target audience and I try to make it visually appealing and non-intrusive. This way I think we can create high quality content value to people and doesn’t bother them too much ».     Desires and projects   Thomas has been on assignment for numerous tourism boards, brands and guiding agencies and tells it has been a great experience. He will very soon go to climb the Aconcagua in Argentina, a project leaded by Grajales Expeditions (; He will document the whole mountain project on his blog and Instagram. He promises great images and hopes to go on creating engaging content for those who are passionate about outdoors.   To Follow Thomas' Projects: His website And Instagram    
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