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Roadsign is an Australian Outdoor and Lifestyle Brand. We offer clothing and accessories for the people who love travelling.
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The Roadsign Spirit is the reconnection of man and nature.
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Gabriel Pielke: A brand new sight on Roadsign


... The first meeting between Gabriel Pielke, German photographer, and Roadsign was coincidental. Life sometimes offers opportunities to be seized. His vision of travel was made to seduce us… ... The story begins with a first professional camera bought in 1996 to capture scenes during far away breaks. At this time, it was quite difficult to get the right equipment for the right subject and we had to come back home before developing pictures. He was fond of photography but young Gabriel had to wait 2004 and a trip in Tokyo to be able to see real-time results. Meanwhile, professional wise, he learned motion picture in a well-known German academy, worked as a volunteer with a local hospital TV station and trained as a media designer. A job for Canon on a professional trade fair strengthened his mood for photography. He choose a camera he is still using today. Installed in 2007 as a freelance filmmaker and photograph, Gabriel waits 2015 to discover Roadsign thanks to the Roadsign Continental Challenge. The ZDF TV station asks him to do a report about Rafael Fuchsgruber, running THE TRACK. He flies to the Australian outback and there meet the whole team. Soon, he buys his first polo shirt (that he still loves to wear) and since, his camera captures most of the performances and deep sharing moments lived by runners and staff on the races of the Challenge. ... [ Authentic images ] ... Gabriel was living the adventure beside us, sharing our human values without dwelling on our clothes and accessories ranges. ... “In 2019, I was asked to do an extra shooting for Roadsign during THE TRACK in May. So I started to research to get the spirit of the brand and what photos will have to show. Arrived in Australia, it was quite a different job: we had no professional models, they are staff of the race. No extra equipment like light or rigging… This was actually the first time I really deal with the Roadsign products and we just had a selection with us.” ... Gabriel says that – despite the limited technical possibilities – it was a very interesting job. ... “A beautiful environment, a nice staff and ten days of adventure ahead; all this seems to me as a good opportunity to shoot nice and real life photos for a brand sponsor of the event and which logo is iconic for Australia. Additionally, the clothes with its colors fit perfect in the landscape and are typical outdoor clothing you should wear on a trip like that. In November, we repeat the job in Mozambique.” ... ... [ Shared universe and values ] ... For Gabriel, Roadsign is a company that offers a wide range of streetwear fashion products for a reasonable price. ... “They always reinvent the look and design of clothing without losing style and spirit. Maybe that is the main thing we have in common: try to reinvent yourself without losing your roots and principles. The values of the brand: Nature – Freedom – Simplicity match with my work in different ways. I also try to keep it simple – do what I can, do it as good as I can without complicating the process. I love my freedom – I could not do this kind of photos without having the freedom of travel, without the freedom to choose how I do the job and organize myself. And last but not least, I love being out there in the nature. Honestly, I could be the kind of guy hotel rooms have been invented for but when I am out there shooting, I enjoy staying in the wild nature without any civilization.” ... ... To highlight the products, you have to know and respect the DNA of the brand. Gabriel says that doing the job on a race of the Roadsign Continental Challenge means doing it totally free. ... “The staff and therefore my models are volunteers. Secondly, everything is simple during those races. We sleep in tents, the equipment is limited to a minimum, no running water, no warm heating. So shootings are based on respect and the phenomenal landscape needs no stage setting. You just have to combine these three values with environment to relay emotion through beautiful pictures.” ... ... [ Travel improves people ] ... His photographic eye, Gabriel sums it up by a well-known phrase: “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. For the new perspectives and what remains to be discovered.” His vision matches to our inspiration, mostly when he says: ... “Travel, see as much as you can, discover the world and soak in it. There is so much to discover within one life, so enjoy every moment because it will enrich you. An even if you meet bad things on your trip, at the end, we are not the same! You’ll bring something back home, an experience, knowledge, memories.” ...
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Gürkan Açikgöz, around the world in 2 challenges


The trials that life holds sometimes help to reveal personalities. Outperforming and win the Roadsign Continental Challenge two years in a row, it is inspiring. In Gürkan’s case, the feat is more than athletic, it will change the life of thousands people… ... [ Being diabetic or athletic, why choose? ] ... When life reaches out, you got to take a chance. This is exactly what Gürkan Açıkgöz did. What makes him so inspirational and the embodiment of willing is first his performances in international races but also the fact he is doing all this being diabetic. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 20, Gurkan explains that our body needs to ingest carbohydrates to get glucosum – our fuel in a way – essential to its proper functioning. The agent in charge of disseminating glucose to our cells is called Insulin; but when you are type 1 diabetic, your body does not produce any insulin. Hard to imagine a diabetic playing a high-level sport… Although Gürkan was a casual sportsman interested in cycling or motorbike, he decided to learn how to deal with this dysfunction that could have forced him to give up his dreams. He chose to progress through running. ... “ When I run for quite long period, my blood sugar was decreases rapidly. When I understood that I have to constantly check and stabilize it by ingesting carbs, I thought about running longer races and eventually marathons. ” ... ... [ A first-class ambassador ] ... Studious and motivate, race by race, Gürkan consistently pushed back the constraints imposed by diabetes. A remarkable path noticed by the Solomon Running Team Turkey, making him a great ambassador both on tracks and in conferences. This meaningful support and a strong determination led him to win the Roadsign Continental Challenge 2018: a strenuous journey of 740km through Vietnam, Norway, Bolivia and Mozambique. ... “ Now, I am running with the athletes that I was once inspired by. This was something that I could only dream of. However, I owe everything to my discipline and hard work.” ... Gürkan Acikgöz has to inject himself with insulin during the races. He does not talk about it as a difficulty but prefers to explain: ... “ When we are doing exercises, the insulin becomes more efficient. According to experts, nothing is as efficient as sport and I experienced this positive effect during decades. Half an hour of exercise two or three days a week is more than enough. ” ... ... Obviously, ultramarathon is a demanding field and Gürkan follows a very strict and specific work out plan, coached by a friend and heeding dietician advices. Gürkan is inspiring for sure; due to his performances but also to the role he plays by facilitating access to sport for diabetics. His aim led him to become the captain of Team1, born from a partnership with the Turkish Diabetes Society and where all runners are type 1 diabetics. ... [ Twice successful challenge ] ... Acting and being the first diabetic sportsman winning the Challenge in 2018, Gürkan reached a nice goal… But he had not complete all his dreams. After Asia, Europe, South America and Africa, he had to tread Australian slopes. Last March, we talked about his training for THE TRACK 2019, the last challenge he had not yet taken up. ... ... 522km to run in 10 days with backpack, a net climb of 1700 m, the diversity and harshness of Outback scenes are such an unusual physical and mental challenge. Even if managing diabetes on such a distance is difficult, Gürkan finished THE TRACK, ranking 8th overall. ... “ I would have been happy with a place on the podium but my first concern was to be able to complete the race in the healthiest way possible. Thanks to the Continental Challenge, I realized one of my dreams and most of all, I had magical journeys. I had the opportunity to see natural wonders on 5 continents and made incredible friends. When you meet new people and cultures, you understand that the world is much bigger than we can imagine. ” ... With his performances in 2018 and 2019 on the 5 continents, Gurkan has won the Challenge for the second year! We are proud to welcome Gurkan Açikgoz to our hall of fame and so happy that he has been able to abolish many borders thanks to the Roadsign Continental Challenge. ... ... The Roadsign Continental Challenge is a sporting challenge organized by Canal Aventure in partnership with Roadsign since 2014. More information: ... Crédit Photo : CanalAventure©G.Pielke
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Help others travel through writing


You know that Roadsign is passionate about nature, discovery and sharing. We consider earth, voyage and humans as an inspiration. It is one of our common points with those who travel the planet and decipher it to give you the most faithful images. Today, let’s meet and follow step by step Emma Thomson, an award-winning travel journalist. ... Journalist, editor and photographer, Emma travels most of the year, missioned by great papers like National Geographic Traveller or The Daily Telegraph. Destination can range depending on editorial lines, from a world-first unsupported expedition along Namibian coasts to an exploration of the Silk Road from China to Istanbul. Her long-term journeys are always off-the-beaten-tracks and she ensures that her stories inspire readers. Hooked by all things around travel in her teens, she discreetly ripped out the pages of old National Geographic in the school library to feed her own log book. She knew her fate was travel and writing but was ignoring she would share the daily life of Australian Aboriginal or nomad families in Mongolia. Anyway, she does not make any concession about honesty in her articles. Talking about tourism and travel, some could lack objectivity, appear too much enthusiastic and be tempted to romanticise the truth. ... « All travellers need to guard against this and see both the pros and the cons of a destination. With my writing, I aim to inspire but also be very honest with my readers: if something isn’t good, I say so, otherwise trust is lost… Honesty – as in life – is always the best policy”. ... That is probably one of the assets that helped Emma – previously awarded – to be rewarded at Travel Media Awards 2019 for a travelogue about Greenland published by The Telegraph in august. ... ... [ Travel as a commitment ] ... Advocating for responsible tourism and objective coverage, Emma Thomson frequently visits countries recovering from natural hazards or political upheaval, trying to deliver information restoring confidence in these destinations. ... “Tourism provides jobs and income for millions. Unfortunately, if a particular country experiences a natural disaster or terrorist attack for example, visitors tend to stay away a lot longer than is necessary and the people who depend on tourism for their survival suffer greatly. My features focus on informing traveler about the truth on the ground, so they can make an informed decision to return again. Supporting people’s livelihoods in this way gives the writing greater meaning”. ... ... Moreover, Emma didn’t hide her interest for the Roadsign School Development program in India. People are our main concern. To ensure an education for the children who will make the world of tomorrow and protect the nature, we open primary schools in regions where a lack of resources means that education for all is not guaranteed. ... « I admire their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. As a consumer, every choice you make counts. It’s important to support brands that give back.” ... Discovering new places enlighten us and changes or view of the world. Even with no possibility of leaving, we can open up to unknown spaces by reading Emma’s writing. Website: ... ...
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