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Roadsign School Development Program: 8th challenge met!


Nearly 5 years without talking here of our commitment in opening schools in India. But we never given up and the 8th primary school of our program opened last February in the Bangalore district. A huge event to be discussed with Wolfgang Paul, Roadsign President for Europe who made the trip there… ... [ A vast collaborative project ] ... If you know Roadsign, it is mostly thanks to him. With friendship and in the footsteps of its Australian founder Roger Carthrew, Wolfgang spearheads the brand in France and Europe for few decades. He ran the world under its banner and aims to share our core values wherever it is needed and possible. Possible is a frequent word when he evokes this program. “Roadsign supplies funds for the construction of schools but nothing would be possible without cooperation of Wessling and Bangalore Rotary Clubs, without the personal commitment of Marcus Burgold (Pt of Jansen Fashion Group), Brigitte and Guido Koch and our European licensees. Easy to understand that he admires and feels worn by their sincere implication.” Then naturally, Wolfgang Paul highlights the awesome involvement of the Bangalore Rotary Club. The driver and responsible of our schools development program is Sridhar Chari. Professional in fabric, Rotary member and engaged with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, he humbly admits playing a connecting and facilitating role for “offering” school to children that have no access. The commitment and assistance brought by DR Elizabeth Cherian Paramesh, President of Rotary Bangalore allow to inaugurate – on February 15 – a brand new school in the village of Rayasandra. Strong action, creativity, time, knowledge, energy deployed on serving a key objective for India and its kids. ... ... [ Brighten horizons for 350 million children ] ... Yes, nearly 30% of Indians are less than 14 years old. Everything seems oversized continent-wide for it will count 1.5 billion people in 2030. India is a federal democracy with 28 states and only 7 territories managed by the central government. 70% inhabitants are living in rural zones and, even if school is compulsory from 6 to 14 since 2010, the lack of primary public schools and their ramshackle state result in depriving many zones of education. The central government trains and pays teachers but could not repair or build schools in those regions. In big towns, private schools – very expensive and selective – can welcome few kids. In the countryside, family sometimes prefer children helping in domestic or agricultural tasks instead walking many hours daily to schools where 80 of all ages are sitting on the ground in the unique classroom listening to several teachers talking about different subjects at the same time… The stage is set! We could add that secondary schools are reserved to an elite and degrees of varying quality. The challenge is critical and Roadsign chose to help giving basic teachings to most children. ... ... [ Rotary Roadsign Gvt Higher Primary School ] ... We are proud of this nice heading on the façade… February 15 was truly a colourful festival in Rayasandra as the entire village celebrated the event. In time, classrooms will welcome 100 kids in 7 levels classes, “and a Nalli Skali, a large room where the pupils are learning by doing, exploring and developing multiple forms of intelligence” adds Sridhar Chari. ... ... In every Rotary Roadsign school, awareness on hygiene is important. Here we have toilets for girls and boys, modern kitchen, pupil’s desks, outer games equipment and clean water. It was necessary to dip to 70m depth and install a water-treatment system. Invaluable things for those kids used to live without running water. In the same time, the World Health program of hand washing (Wash IN Schools project) led here by DR Cherian has all its place. Wolfgang Paul tells “Since the first request to the Government in 2006, local actors and partners have been strongly working together to implement the project”. With his flower necklace and a large smile, we guess on the event photos that he was a special guest. What he did not tell us, we discovered it by the voice of the Bangalore Rotary President few days after the party: “Thank you Mr Wolfgang Paul for flying in from Paris to be at the inauguration. Your presence made a great impact”. ... ... [ Charm and fragility of a land of contrasts ] ... Joyful, Wolfgang teaches us a lot by giving facts and anecdotes lived in India. He highlights “crazy contrasts”, a great simplicity and a total lack of arrogance. He talks about the « deep Indian way of being » of the owner of a famous textile company exporting over 44 countries who is living in the desert and welcomes you bare feet. Or the town of Bangalore where 60.000 Microsoft employees work in top-modern buildings while - less than 2 hours away – there is no water and electricity. He says that a private wedding can easily welcome 25 000 guests like in Bollywood but confirms that the gap between private and public is abysmal, the neglect of numerous zones is a reality. It doesn’t take more for enhancing our motivation to discover and share the world. Moreover, further the animal shelters created by Roger Carthrew in the Bush and after the recent forest fires, Wolfgang reveals that a project of building new long-term shelters in Australia is emerging. Here or there, it seems that Roadsign has new routes to mark up! ...
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Family on Tracks: the six-wheel globetrotting house


It looks like the title of a fantastic tale. But the story we tell you today is true and enlivened by lucky kids. Let’s start! ... Antoine and Quitterie are thirty-years-olds French, he is an entrepreneur and she is a nurse. Both positive and opened to the world. In 2007, they ran the 4L Trophy in Morocco and since then they criss-crossed France during week-ends and holidays, sleeping in tents and off-the-beaten-tracks. Naturally, they thought about wandering a little farer and a little longer. This eighteen months long-term journey will take them to Africa and South America, traveling in a 4x4 topped with a "roof tent" and a comfy bed. A six-wheel house able to cross nearly anywhere, to suit to road hazards and unexpected meetings. The dream becomes a reality in September 2018 after a long and thorough preparation… Let’s just say that they don’t leave alone! These young parents are going to offer Maxence, Inès and Louis an incredible trip. They were 5 and a half, four and two and a half years old at this time, boarding for the unknown. The family leave Nantes on the way to Portugal, Spain and Morocco, entry point to Africa. The Family on Tracks adventure begins by these words: “9m2, this is the surface of our new house. But our garden will have no limit.” ... ... [ A Family and tailor-made adventure ] ... They are not the first ones to travel far with children. But such a trip leads everybody to remove its own limits and they successfully did! Just for the record (and even if their funny house is well-equipped), Quitterie would say that cooking for 5 on a wood fire with one pan and one pot during 18 months is a kind of challenge. Antoine could tell how trails conditions led him to improve his mechanical skills. They were ready for flawless organization and full adaptability, they did not want any material hassle to tarnish the outstanding beauty of discovering. This quite crazy ride is not a rally, not a time-trial but rather a “tailor-made” road trip. The road-book planned to follow the Atlantic coast of Africa from Morocco to Cape Town and then to step into South America via Uruguay. Sometimes, circumstances changed the schedule and led our adventurers to limit their journey to the African continent. From Mauritania to Gabon, from Congo to South Africa, they stayed a few days or several weeks. News led them to bypass Nigeria by the sea and a strong meeting made them stay 7 weeks in Namibia. A long and emotional stage where the hospitality of a couple allowed them to participate in the installation of a water pump and to help in a small chicken farm. They also lived wild bivouacs in the African bush, a host of star in a girl’s boarding school in the Ivory Coast, a rude incursion by armed men in the middle of the night in Burkina Faso, the discovery of Tata’s houses and a local cook training with two friendly Togolese women following their trip on Facebook, ten days inside a NGO in Benin, sunrises between palm trees and ocean, delicious moments in South African Vineyards… Quitterie feels enriched by this adventure where simplicity and truthfulness of people dazzled her and helped to open her heart. Antoine admits being marked by rough living conditions and insists on the urgency to consider social and environmental realities. More than long distance and the happiness to reach the Cape of Good-Hope, the proudness from a dream became a reality and, most of all, the fact they lived this wonderful slice of life all together make them deeply blissful. Easy to understand! ... .. [ Wide and deep learning of the world ] .. We began this article saying Maxence, Inès and Louis were lucky. Playing freely on paradisiac beaches, being around hippos, bathing at Christmastime in Abidjan or celebrating your birthday in Lesotho, many kids would dream of that. They probably do not know it yet but, following each day a serious scholarship program thanks to their Mom with “practical works” due to chance encounters is a true asset. This reality training had consequences that Antoine highlights: “They have seen and understood what poverty is. They met and played with other children everywhere, have been marked by their situation and felt so happy to offer some of their toys before leaving… They showed us they are generous, they are aware of the others.” The young parents confess they have been amazed and delighted by the way their young kids were analyzing situations. Due to this adventure or not? “The seed is planted, we don’t know yet what they will do.” ... ... [ A well-prepared return ] ... In 2018, some of their relatives have been surprised by the project Family on Tracks but all have been caring. Quitterie ensured to share all discoveries and news by all technical means at her disposal. Yet, we guess moving homecoming. For sure, some of you would like to know how the little adventurers will take or discover the way to school. We asked. Quitterie and Antoine answered with confidence “Let’s see☺”. Despite their youth and the fact they were in nursery school before leaving, Inès and Maxence stayed in touched with their little friends and are eager to meet again. Louis is going to try a new trip and his personality seems to be an asset for this step into the unknown. In fact, their carefully managed a several month stay in the countryside with a small school welcoming sixty children. A situation also helpful for the parents to get used to a mood “where people are easily squealing about a few hours power outage due to a tempest while 600 millions of African are living each day with a full lack of water and electricity.” ... [ What else? ] ... The sharing of Family on Track began online with the adventure itself. When they will be back, Antoine and Quitterie will probably participate to conferences and events where they are waited. They thought about sharing this experience with associations, in order to inform around the problems, engage and commit people to perform solutions. Nothing else for the moment, except these lovely words written on their blog when arriving in Namibia: “We knew that this travel would be strong without seeing all it will give to us. Without any doubt, the most beautiful voyage is the interior journey we are living at the same time…” ... Website - Family on Tracks Facebook page - Family on Tracks ...
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Gabriel Pielke: A brand new sight on Roadsign


... The first meeting between Gabriel Pielke, German photographer, and Roadsign was coincidental. Life sometimes offers opportunities to be seized. His vision of travel was made to seduce us… ... The story begins with a first professional camera bought in 1996 to capture scenes during far away breaks. At this time, it was quite difficult to get the right equipment for the right subject and we had to come back home before developing pictures. He was fond of photography but young Gabriel had to wait 2004 and a trip in Tokyo to be able to see real-time results. Meanwhile, professional wise, he learned motion picture in a well-known German academy, worked as a volunteer with a local hospital TV station and trained as a media designer. A job for Canon on a professional trade fair strengthened his mood for photography. He choose a camera he is still using today. Installed in 2007 as a freelance filmmaker and photograph, Gabriel waits 2015 to discover Roadsign thanks to the Roadsign Continental Challenge. The ZDF TV station asks him to do a report about Rafael Fuchsgruber, running THE TRACK. He flies to the Australian outback and there meet the whole team. Soon, he buys his first polo shirt (that he still loves to wear) and since, his camera captures most of the performances and deep sharing moments lived by runners and staff on the races of the Challenge. ... [ Authentic images ] ... Gabriel was living the adventure beside us, sharing our human values without dwelling on our clothes and accessories ranges. ... “In 2019, I was asked to do an extra shooting for Roadsign during THE TRACK in May. So I started to research to get the spirit of the brand and what photos will have to show. Arrived in Australia, it was quite a different job: we had no professional models, they are staff of the race. No extra equipment like light or rigging… This was actually the first time I really deal with the Roadsign products and we just had a selection with us.” ... Gabriel says that – despite the limited technical possibilities – it was a very interesting job. ... “A beautiful environment, a nice staff and ten days of adventure ahead; all this seems to me as a good opportunity to shoot nice and real life photos for a brand sponsor of the event and which logo is iconic for Australia. Additionally, the clothes with its colors fit perfect in the landscape and are typical outdoor clothing you should wear on a trip like that. In November, we repeat the job in Mozambique.” ... ... [ Shared universe and values ] ... For Gabriel, Roadsign is a company that offers a wide range of streetwear fashion products for a reasonable price. ... “They always reinvent the look and design of clothing without losing style and spirit. Maybe that is the main thing we have in common: try to reinvent yourself without losing your roots and principles. The values of the brand: Nature – Freedom – Simplicity match with my work in different ways. I also try to keep it simple – do what I can, do it as good as I can without complicating the process. I love my freedom – I could not do this kind of photos without having the freedom of travel, without the freedom to choose how I do the job and organize myself. And last but not least, I love being out there in the nature. Honestly, I could be the kind of guy hotel rooms have been invented for but when I am out there shooting, I enjoy staying in the wild nature without any civilization.” ... ... To highlight the products, you have to know and respect the DNA of the brand. Gabriel says that doing the job on a race of the Roadsign Continental Challenge means doing it totally free. ... “The staff and therefore my models are volunteers. Secondly, everything is simple during those races. We sleep in tents, the equipment is limited to a minimum, no running water, no warm heating. So shootings are based on respect and the phenomenal landscape needs no stage setting. You just have to combine these three values with environment to relay emotion through beautiful pictures.” ... ... [ Travel improves people ] ... His photographic eye, Gabriel sums it up by a well-known phrase: “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. For the new perspectives and what remains to be discovered.” His vision matches to our inspiration, mostly when he says: ... “Travel, see as much as you can, discover the world and soak in it. There is so much to discover within one life, so enjoy every moment because it will enrich you. An even if you meet bad things on your trip, at the end, we are not the same! You’ll bring something back home, an experience, knowledge, memories.” ...
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