Anne-Sophie Morvan: France, Australia, Roadsign and Studies Up

Anne-Sophie is not the first French girl to complete her studies with an internship in Australia. However, it is at Roadsign in Adelaide that she landed in 1998! Without pretense, one can say that this meeting changed her life somewhat…

[ One way ticket to the unknown ]

An international trade license in hand, Anne-Sophie visits an exhibition, sees the famous kangaroo symbol of the brand and announces that she is looking for an internship abroad… The company is new and Roger Carthrew himself welcomes her. Looking back, one can tell it is a good start. Here she goes to this unknown continent where her “internship master” welcomes her a few weeks later. The internship will be interesting and bustling with a job offer at stake.

“I will never forget the airport automatic doors opening on a pink sunrise to the sound of cockatoo singing”. After the first visual shock, she evokes the encounter with Roger: “Cool, typically Australian, caring but unique. He was already practicing yoga, martial arts, meditation and was vegetarian.”

Anne-Sophie Morvan, from Roadsign to StudiesUp.

After a quick return to France for her thesis defense, she moves in Adelaide where she will remain 7 years. In Roadsign fast-growing, Anne-Sophie touches everything, from the counting to the export, from panels and goodies manufacture to the development of clothing and accessories licenses with Wolfgang Paul, early committed in the company. A rich professional experience which took her to every souvenir shops in the country and a deep attachment to this land where “everybody takes the time, nature is ever-present, people are simple and prefer caring over criticism”. From this simple evocation, one can guess some nascent southern callings…

[ Successful return ]

The ups and downs of life and a kind of cultural and family spleen (still!) lead the young woman to consider staying one more year by visiting surrounding areas (New Caledonia, Fiji, Tasmania) before returning. At this point, the Australian State offers her dual nationality. She gets her Australian passport 48 hours before flying back to France…. Now Franco-Australian, Anne-Sophie is still expected at Roadsign but this time in Paris where she becomes in charge of communication and press relations.

“I kept the memory of a tight and friendly team. Wolfgang really taught me the relational side, especially on the Tour de France, the Inter-Celtic festival in Lorient and during presentations of the brand. For two years, he took me everywhere.”

When you read the rest, you will understand that we are rather proud to have accompanied Anne-Sophie.

[ Brand new start ]

In the following years, she works as a manager in an international placement agency for students, she marries and gives birth to two kids that are now 2 and a half and four years old. A French proverb says “dogs don’t make cats”, so with such dynamism and the unwavering support of her husband, she was not going to stop there. Student pathways have evolved and many young people are looking for distant experiences. Her living as an expatriate, her professional background and her dual nationality lead her to create her own business.

In 2018, Studies Up is born with the aim of helping for free French students who wish to pursue their studies abroad: Australia and New Zealand of course but also Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Dubai…. Selection of study programs, applications, registration formalities, preparation of leaving, accommodation, visa, a specific support is offered to each person registered on the platform

Anne-Sophie with her New Zealand partners in Helsinki.

Studies Up can offer these tailor-made services due to its official agent status from 70 universities and language centres worldwide. Passionate, Anne-Sophie is also helping with the Working Holiday Visa, acts in engineering schools and collaborates with French universities. In one year, 450 young people have already used its services.

Studies Up offers today’s students the perspectives that Anne-Sophie conquered on her own a few years ago. Sharing experience, caring and spirit of discovery, all that suits us well.

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