Gregory Zwingesltein, A story of passion

Gregory, how did you meet didgeridoo? Unwittingly adventurer, Gregory Zwingelstein turned his passion for didgeridoo into a unique experiment. Let’s meet the one who gave life to what would have remained a dream. That was in high school, in 1999. A professor was coming back from Australia and introduced us to this instrument. I had […]

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Opening Roadsign School Ceremony

We are happy to show you some pictures of the last opening School Ceremony that took place in the remote village of Shivarapatna, region of Bangalore. With the help of local builders, we constructed a new school building that will welcome 130 young girls and boys. These children will receive primary education and will hopefully […]

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Roadsign School opening No. 5 – 8th August 2015

Roadsign in collaboration with the Indian Government and the Indian Rotary Club, is about to open its 5th School in the Bangalore region. As part of our commitment, we continue to help indian children to access education in remote places. The opening ceremony will take place on 8. August 2015. Soon we will give you […]

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