Carlos Llano committed to give children a smile

Carlos ran The Track in 2015 and the Ultra Africa Race in 2017. Today, we want to share another challenge to which this Spanish runner dedicates himself for several years; such a demanding action with HIV victims in Burkina Faso, especially children.





The meeting


Carlos had no tie with the African continent, just a long-time attraction and the desire to discover it. The running led him to realize this dream.  In 2012, he runs the Epic 5 challenge Epic 5 to collect funds useful for the project Wend Be Ne Do led in Burkina.  Next year, he leaves to see how it works, to cooperate and definitively falls in love with Africa.  Carlos underlines that Africa changes unmistakably her visitors. “There is no more beautiful place in the world.

The wild nature, the humanity of the African… It is a really unique, incomparable place “.


This stay teaches him that most of the local projects are supported or led by people attached to the church. Wend Be Ne Do does not escape the rule. The project federates men and women worried of fighting against the pandemic very present in countries of Sahel. Workers or voluntary, they all are assisting adults and children victims in particular children orphans of parents died from this disease.





Burkina Faso, locked in dry lands, far from the sea, is the third poorest country of the world.


In this corner of deep Africa where the drought makes farming so risky, it is also difficult to develop tourism. In such conditions, we imagine the isolation of sick people. But Carlos underlines “people here are matchless; the nobility of the human being appears when he overtakes difficulties and suffering.”




Childhood Smile, a NGO offering children a future


Willingness and the desire to help can bring a lot. But Carlos wanted to make more. To give itself the means to support at best this project, he created Childhood Smile, an association became approved NGO.

Today driven by three employees and a fighting team of local volunteers, it supports more than 600 beneficiaries and 340 children. Childhood Smile is already a big family.





The objectives are at the same time simply human and ambitious: Welcome, listen to, estimate and restore some lives marked by AIDSImprove the health of many victims by stabilizing the viral load, by assuring prevention and treatment. Improve the psychic and moral situation of the program grantees.


Carlos feels blessed to rely on the support of the local administration but naturally, it is the commitment and the daily work that count. When he evokes the “results”, it is not about figures. “Here, it is difficult to have reliable data. I can say that I knew orphan children, very sick children who today go to school and no more suffer malnutrition. We manage to give them a little hope “.

Their modest site also reveals how the team tries to supply bicycles to the children to ride the 20 km which separate them from the school …

The approach of Childhood Smile is marked out by pains as the death of Bouba, a boy who was helped since the creation and by happiness as the imminent departure of Zoenabo, the first one of the girls to be entering the university.






Projects, efforts and hope


Of course, it is the economic resources which are lacking most of the time. But the NGO chains and concretizes smart projects as building a multi-purpose hall which welcomes a library and the creation of a computer room. Give to the children the access to internet and tools to open them to the world, here is the beautiful project.

Just like the idea to open in a few months a sewing workshop for three of the accompanied young people.

You suspect it this brave team would be delighted to receive books for the library, any kind of computer hardware, donations and soon maybe, tools useful for sewing …



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