Carlos Llano committed to give children a smile

Carlos ran The Track in 2015 and the Ultra Africa Race in 2017. Today, we want to share another challenge to which this Spanish runner dedicates himself for several years; such a demanding action with HIV victims in Burkina Faso, especially children.         The meeting   Carlos had no tie with the […]

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NomaDidge, the musical trip

Did you read our article dedicated to Gregory Zwingelstein and to his passion of the didgeridoo? In this case, you will be happy to learn that the festival he wanted to create played its first score in 2018; the kind of project that we support because it means a lot to us. It is NomaDidge. […]

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PLASTIC ODYSSEY, great epic of the millennium

Plastic Odyssey already interests the media. A brilliant vision, a technical, human and social challenge, this epic born in 2016 has for main thread “Around the world powered by plastic “. Let’s go for a fast overview of a highly innovative project.   This exciting project arose from the fertile minds of two French realistic […]

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