SHAMS, digital rolling stone

Papa was a rolling stone, great hit of the seventies, says « Wherever he laid his hat was his home”. Shams was not born at this time but he also chose to move where the wind, the encounters and his desires take him. Today, Shams is a film director, specialized in adventure and extremes sports, self-sustaining […]

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Help others travel through writing

You know that Roadsign is passionate about nature, discovery and sharing. We consider earth, voyage and humans as an inspiration. It is one of our common points with those who travel the planet and decipher it to give you the most faithful images. Today, let’s meet and follow step by step Emma Thomson, an award-winning […]

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Thomas Herdieckerhoff : the German adventurer

This 25-years-old man living in Munich plays keyboard and camera with the same talent. Mountain lover, he has already explored hidden corners by thirty countries on five continents to share the images and the story of his adventures.     Tell the real journey     To discover Thomas’s escapades, follow the track of the […]

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