Dave Cornthwaite: Say YES to life and adventure

During twelve years, Dave lived in movement, constantly on the way out. “Self-propelled” adventurer, he thinks that comfort kills ambition and that there is always a way to reach its dreams; if we have the will and most of all, no fear to give and receive.


Beautiful things happen when you say yes

111 visited countries, 52 nights in hammock average a year, ten world records and long breakaways in skateboard, bike, paddleboard, raft, canoe or other motor-less vehicle; Some documentaries and also three books.



Sometimes, Dave travelled the same road as he did years before but he insists: “I’ve never felt like I’m repeating myself… Moving in a different way, with new transport, transforms an experience and a way of seeing the surface around us. It’s not the adventure itself that I feel the need for, it’s the daily movement, a long-off focus, a reminder to discover the kindness of strangers.”


During these journeys, Dave lived the things that happen when you say yes. Sometimes, he was refused hospitality but his thought remains positive: “It feels good to help others. It feels good to smile. Approach anyone, however angry, and they’ll give you water if you’re thirsty.” Say Yes More became his creed.


Eager to share his experiences, Dave already intervenes for several years with companies, schools or other organizations as a motivational speaker.

But he asked how to give anybody an alternative to an oppressive society? How to show others what they are really capable of?



Today, Dave lives on a boat in London… and his creed became a social enterprise.

All began by a first invite to go camping launched on Facebook in the summer of 2015. Dave tried to turn his audience into real people. 19 “virtual friends” answered. Each week, his call reached more and more people… until the creation of the Yestival!

These growing groups of strangers opened to deep exchanges, friendship and even changes of life. The YesTribe was born.

Today, the idea stepped outside British boundaries. There are YesTribes from The USA to Australia.



A bus for those who say yes!


This is the story of an old bus that was given a second life, the Yesbus.

They needed a headlight, a kind of watchtower and it has to be outdoor. The double-decker bus appeared as self-evident. Dave has the chance to find the good bus and the place to install in West Sussex.

Thanks to a few willing Yestribers and the help of his friend Chris:  the bus is restored and arranged.



This countryside bus camp welcomes people who want to heal sizzled minds, learn new skills and hatch fresh ideas.

They do all kind of things here, hosting workshops, skill sessions, retreats and co-working days, outdoorsy weekends and summer camps.

The camp also hosts the annual Yestival. a weekend full of talks, workshops, walks, discussions and games during the day, then inspirational lectures, comedy and chilled out music at night. A caring festival where families are welcome, in a little corner of magic called DreamCamp!

The Yesbus is also available to hire for any groups who share their ethos of using community, adventure and optimism to lead positive change.

« There is no preferred profile… just people who want to give as much as they take from life. We tend to take so much these days and it’s showing more and more in the struggles of society and our impact on the environment.”



We (playfully) asked to Dave if he feels like a kind of guide or guru… the answer is clear: “Ha! I’d rather be a guru than a guide, but I’m neither. There’s a responsibility for us to share or unique experiences and how to deal with them. It gives hope and strength. In that sense, we’re all guides for each other.”

So, are you ready to say Yes to Dave?


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