Gregoire Mevel, the adventurer in a red van

For several years, this young French adventurer more often spoke English than his mother tongue. Formed to a hotel career, he always placed the hospitality among his priorities. But the professional frame could not satisfy his desires for escape and meetings. His wanderings around the planet lead to an alternative project that fits him so well…



Found of mountaineering and nature, Grégoire chose to bestride his bicycle for a puzzling challenge: going from France to Bangkok via the North Cape. It took eight months but he has rarely slept at the hotel, preferring the hospitality offered by meetings. He imagined to produce the movie of his adventure but never edited the picture. He was not a film-maker … The trip ended but the idea of sharing human initiatives and local insights wasn’t fading.

The young man confirms that hospitality and inventiveness do not know borders.



Then, he leaves for Canada and finally moved to Thailand where he learns online business. He chooses video production and already shares his escapades on You Tube. An idea is born; the project will be called Emerging Alternatives. To finance it, Grégoire passes from Asia to Australia where he works such a time in Sydney.


Emerging Alternatives


The world turns. New kinds of traveling are appearing, more instinctive and sustainable. Sharing the experiments lived anywhere also becomes easier. But anyway, you have to initiate meetings and more, to federate a tribe.



Emerging Alternatives – Through a brand new website, videos and a logbook on Facebook – tells about the far-off, give tips and tricks arisen from the experience of the traveler and will soon highlight ideas and unusual projects coming of almost anywhere and relating to different fields (farming, education, environment, etc.).



The project has three goals: to get the interest of the sceptics fearing to get off the beaten tracks, to inform and encourage those who already want to take the leap and most of all, to INSPIRE!


Instinctively nomad, Grégoire is conscious of wealth and limits of this kind of adventure. He designs his journey with respect for nature but assumes the energy cost. He notices that alternative travel does not bring a lot to local economies even if he participates in it as soon as possible.


Pragmatic, Grégoire does not want to take advantage of the generosity and hospitality of people he meets.  So, he created his own “caravan” from a second-hand work vehicle. Scrap materials, ingenuity, solar panels, elbow grease … this all red van becomes the banner of the project.

Symbol of his freedom of thought, of movement, the Red Van is most of all, the low-budget house which he built himself.



A bridge for the future


If Emerging Alternatives proposes the adventure as an alternative to the traditional journey, Grégoire first presents it as a footbridge between continents, cultures, individuals, and universes. It has to become a way of sharing new ideas leading to a sustainable future. In connection with the philosophy of the E.A project, Grégoire Mevel, video director, also invites companies to make visual their environmental, social or cultural initiatives.



In his videos and on the website, Grégoire speaks and writes in English; logic when we want to talk with the whole planet … and quite understandable when we know that at the moment, our adventurer does everything, absolutely everything, alone!

Whatever is your language of preference, the EA tribe only waits to grow, sharing your alternative ideas and know-how.

Thanks Gregoire




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