Heading for the Roadsign Continental Challenge

Five ultra-marathons, five continents, a challenge! No ordinary races, built on the discovery, the sharing and the desire to meet the hazards of the journey; and first, the meeting of its French creators who are really loving the adventure. Follow us on the ways of the Roadsign Continental Challenge.


The real taste of adventure



There are a lot of “adventure races” nowadays. Often mediatized, most of them welcome many participants motivated by a trophy. Our ambition is not this one but first of all return to the original spirit of this races.

Roadsign Continental Challenge, it is an athletic, audacious and committed journey; such an odyssey for those who choose to roam the 5 races. Two of them take place each year, the others every two years. These ultra-marathons welcome a small number of runners, in self-sufficiency, in 2, 4, 5, 7 or 9 stages with bivouac and distances going from 140 to 520 kilometers.


Each one is unique, mix of atmospheres and specific natural sets:


  • THE TRACK plunges into the pioneer spirit of the Australian outback between park national and aboriginal territories,
  • The Ultra BOLIVIA Race takes place on the Altiplano along the volcanoes, salty deserts and archeological sites.
  • The Ultra ASIA Race draws its way among green mountains and rice fields of Vietnam and here, hosting is made at the inhabitant’s,
  • The Ultra AFRICA Race snakes on the sandy tracks of Mozambique, between lakes, coconut palms and villages,
  • The Ultra NORWAY Race proposes a non-stop race in pairs through the Lyngen Alps in Norway, in the season of the midnight sun.






Naturally, runners must be physically prepared but also must know how to adapt in natural surroundings and have a rough adventurer’s mental! Pedro Vera Jimenez, Venezuelan runner among the believers of the Continental Roadsign Challenge tells that ” these races are the most beautiful in terms of human adventure and landscapes. Here, the quality dominates on the quantity “.


A partnership based on the love of the trip


Roadsign imagines ranges of clothes and accessories dedicated to the travelers. Nature and opening to the world are original values of the brand born in Australia in the 70s.

Early associated with the international development of the brand, Wolfgang Paul is yet, at this time managing a textile company. And he intends to alive the family and authentic Roadsign spirit of in his new ranges and in communication.



The collaboration with Jérôme Lollier is going to give birth to the challenge.

Jérôme, big traveler and communicator found of sport had worked on famous marathons and other trails. Involved in the communication of the brand, He shares with the team an ideal of discovery, sharing and goodwill. Alone, he created his first event: THE TRACK Outback Race in Australia, on a very long distance but with a very limited number of participants. He naturally proposed to Roadsign to become the partner.


While being at it, he creates Canal Aventure, specialized in the organization of long distance races, and imagines the Roadsign Continental Challenge concept.


“Beyond the competition, our aim is to propose human adventures based on simple but essential values. So, our races are limited to about twenty competitors. Performance … Yes … But by protecting the places and the populations we met”





Widen horizons without giving up values



Maxime Paul soaks in this atmosphere since his early childhood. Today responsible for the brand, he underlines “Favoring meetings, commitment, sharing of a passionate human-sized community, here is a message stronger than large-scale actions”.


The brand already has a nice longevity and at the same time, Roadsign is in the future.  Contrary to other big outdoor names often based on very technical products, she intends giving the envy for journey and discovery to the largest number.

She has a strong character and intends to stay the same, a simple, responsible and positive brand.


The logo known all over the world increases the international impact of the Challenge which seduces runners of five continents, just like the originality of routes and the perfect and warm organization provided for competitors. For 7 years now, Canal Aventure and Roadsign spotlight the original spirit of adventure races by offering to sportsmen and women natural spaces of escape, conducive for pushing one’s limits.





While the brand works to revitalize its distribution network, Maxime reminds us that it is difficult to daily preserve the balance between development and ethics. “The Roadsign Continental Challenge is a precious base to reach this ambitious and reasonable goal” he says.


Jérôme Lollier asserts “roaming the Challenge, it is using the sport practice to meet a country. Being aware to appreciate the landscapes and people whom we meet”, Maxime Paul hurries to underline the strength link which unites each time the organizer and his team to the runners, as in a family.


Let’s give the last word to Stewen Villenave who ran two events of the Challenge: in Africa and in Australia: “In the difficulty of the race but also through the meetings within the group or along tracks, we take lessons of life … Crossed the finishing line, we do not feel pride but a kind of fulfillment”



Words in line with the Roadsign philosophy: quality, shared values, actions and commitment in respectful projects for both man and nature.


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