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You know that Roadsign is passionate about nature, discovery and sharing. We consider earth, voyage and humans as an inspiration. It is one of our common points with those who travel the planet and decipher it to give you the most faithful images. Today, let’s meet and follow step by step Emma Thomson, an award-winning travel journalist.

Journalist, editor and photographer, Emma travels most of the year, missioned by great papers like National Geographic Traveller or The Daily Telegraph. Destination can range depending on editorial lines, from a world-first unsupported expedition along Namibian coasts to an exploration of the Silk Road from China to Istanbul. Her long-term journeys are always off-the-beaten-tracks and she ensures that her stories inspire readers.

Hooked by all things around travel in her teens, she discreetly ripped out the pages of old National Geographic in the school library to feed her own log book. She knew her fate was travel and writing but was ignoring she would share the daily life of Australian Aboriginal or nomad families in Mongolia.

Anyway, she does not make any concession about honesty in her articles. Talking about tourism and travel, some could lack objectivity, appear too much enthusiastic and be tempted to romanticise the truth.

« All travellers need to guard against this and see both the pros and the cons of a destination. With my writing, I aim to inspire but also be very honest with my readers: if something isn’t good, I say so, otherwise trust is lost… Honesty – as in life – is always the best policy”.

That is probably one of the assets that helped Emma – previously awarded – to be rewarded at Travel Media Awards 2019 for a travelogue about Greenland published by The Telegraph in august.

[ Travel as a commitment ]

Advocating for responsible tourism and objective coverage, Emma Thomson frequently visits countries recovering from natural hazards or political upheaval, trying to deliver information restoring confidence in these destinations.

“Tourism provides jobs and income for millions. Unfortunately, if a particular country experiences a natural disaster or terrorist attack for example, visitors tend to stay away a lot longer than is necessary and the people who depend on tourism for their survival suffer greatly. My features focus on informing traveler about the truth on the ground, so they can make an informed decision to return again. Supporting people’s livelihoods in this way gives the writing greater meaning”.

Moreover, Emma didn’t hide her interest for the Roadsign School Development program in India. People are our main concern. To ensure an education for the children who will make the world of tomorrow and protect the nature, we open primary schools in regions where a lack of resources means that education for all is not guaranteed.

« I admire their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. As a consumer, every choice you make counts. It’s important to support brands that give back.”

Discovering new places enlighten us and changes or view of the world. Even with no possibility of leaving, we can open up to unknown spaces by reading Emma’s writing.


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