In Saint-Tropez, Australia and New Zealand burst on the movie screen

Roadsign was born in Australia. We like telling you the southern lands and today, it will be facing the camera. Beyond the natural magic of the landscapes, these countries and their inhabitants have a strong personality, a rich culture and quite a devastating humor revealed by beautiful movies, often unknown in our hemisphere.

Who will be our guide? Bernard Bories, founder of the Antipodes Cinema Festival whose close partner we are, and who, from 8 till 14 October, has just celebrated its 20 autumns.




It begins by a Picnic at Hanging Rock…

In 1977, Bernard Bories receives an emotional shock by seeing this Peter Weir’s movie. He falls in love with Australia and with a cinema embodied by this director (who since realized Dead Poets Society, Witness or Master and Commander). From then, he will never stop discovering other pictures coming from the antipodes and will try to share them with the European public.

Over the years, from Australian and New Zealand festivals to movie markets, Bernard knocks at every door, succeeds in broadcasting some films in Chambéry or Cannes. But it is not enough. Convinced that he has to value the 7th Oceanian art, to arouse the desire of buyers and the interest of a large audience, he “invents” the Antipodes Film Festival.


… And then goes on in Saint-Tropez.

To welcome the event, it was necessary to find a place which has some affinities with the southern atmosphere. The sun, the sea and the cinematic fame of Saint-Tropez placed it at the top of the casting.

Thanks to the help of a friend, Bernard Bories succeeds in submitting his project to the mayor who accepts the idea of lasting days projections in the unique cinema of Saint-Tropez.

In October 1998, the first edition of the festival presented 3 movies. Twenty years later, the program gathers 16 films, 4 documentaries and 16 short films. We lived an intense week which attracted this year between 3500 and 4000 spectators of any ages and any horizons.





A cinema made for exploration and discovery

Bernard Bories defines Australian and New Zealand cinemas as “a kind of genetic crossing between the best of American cinema and the best of European cinema”. He evokes effective movies, well built, launching a wild eye on the society; artworks proposing strong sub-themes, often illustrated by a sharp humor, without ever giving up the real esthetics.

This 20th edition welcomed several first movies, realized with great talent and sometimes no money, and prestigious and involved juries. The prizes rewarded West of Sunshine, Stray, Breath and Three wise cousins, films going from comedy drama to natural road movie, from initiative journey to urban road-trip. The best short film award crowned the “delirious” The Eleven o’ clock. In brief, varies movies made for all tastes, to discover on




A festival based on passion and partnership

His passion for the southern lands and the antipodes cinema, Bernard Bories shares it with so faithful volunteers coming of almost everywhere; a wonderful team making the festival successful for 20 years now.

He did not miss the chance to have this year as special guest, the unclassifiable, New Zealand director-scriptwriter, Oscar-winning and Golden Palm in Cannes, Jane Campion.

But without committed partners, it would not have been enough. He evokes the support of the city, the France-Australia Association, embassies of both countries and adds “Roadsign is an emblem of Australia, as a front door. A partner who enriches the festival, in particular with gifts for the festival-goers and of course thanks to the trophies recognizable between all.”



A 20th celebrated anniversary

For this anniversary, organize one Roadsign Australia night in the Papagayo Saint-Tropez, a famous club seen frequently by more stars than we could not imagine… A party where directors, actors, members and presidents of juries came to blow the birthday candles of the festival with M. Angus Mac Kenzie, Australian ambassador of Unesco; a way to come back home with good memories and to thank Bernard Bories who never stops increasing the reputation of this beautiful festival.


For the moment, he already returns to his cinematic and physical journeys, travels and meetings of any kinds with directors, producers and sellers; such an annual treasure hunt necessary to prepare the next edition of the Antipodes Film Festival.



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