In The Eyes Of: Seeing the world with children’s eyes

Do you know the adage “travel broadens the young mind”? Young or less young, all those who seek to discover somewhere else know we always come back richer if we knew how to look and listen. In the project In The Eyes Of, two young people offer us the journey as a means of education and pedagogical support. Let’s try a quick diving into the crazy world of Julie and Vincent…



The genesis


Julie and Vincent are not 30 years old but have already wandered around the world. Just entering graduate business and tourism studies, they took advantage of all the opportunities to explore the planet. For Julie, study, work or get involved in humanitarian work in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Madagascar and Cambodia.

For Vincent (who had never travelled before his 20th birthday), studies, internships or work in Canada, New Zealand, Bolivia and Costa Rica.Are they just globe-trotters? The common thread that emerges from their individual experiences is education.

A universal subject for the documentary In The Eyes Of, shot in 5 countries quite unknown by the French public. Since the school does not exist everywhere, they wanted to address both family and school education.




The “crazy” side of the project is that it is based on the total sharing of a family’s life with children for 10 weeks.


10 weeks in Papua New Guinea, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran and Namibia. From August 2018 to June 2019, Vincent’s camera will capture the eyes and daily lives of children living in very different latitudes and environments.


Finding the welcoming families is done with the help of personal relationships or expats networks. The sole basis: they must have children between the ages of 7 and 13.No film crew, no infrastructure at their disposal, a sincere and absolute immersion in the environment and the life of their host families, and the strong wind blowing over the Indonesian Sulawesi archipelago where they stayed when we joined them!



The film


“In the Eyes of” is constructed around 5 themes that can affect all children: cooking, vision of the future, school learning, music, recreation and sports.

Julie and Vincent highlight the words of the children, their feelings and those of their parents, such a great way to consider education around the world.

This is not a fiction and not just a report. Vincent admits that anticipating all reactions and events is quite impossible. “We’ve been to school with them three times and the teacher’s not here three times.”

Similarly, the doc should not have a voice-over but the reality is sometimes confusing, no door is closed…

The primary purpose of this positive and humanistic film is to show cultural differences through the eyes of children. Most of all, it has to be shared wisely.


Children talk to children



The originality of the project lies in the interaction between children desired by its authors.

Julie and Vincent presented it to some institutional partners in the school sector and to the France.tveducation site.

The idea: to federate in France some classes and teachers whose pupils could interact with the children encountered during their journey.

Before the departure, the French children were able to ask questions and get answers from their counterparts around the world.

Since the beginning of the trip, the blog and member space of the website allowed them to exchange live.



A pedagogical file available on the site complements the images of the documentary.


The film will be broadcast in schools, from primary to high school. Not to mention some festivals and television channels for a wider audience. The partnership with France.tveducation, very prized by teachers, allows the broadcast of short videos centered on environment, leisure, educational course and food.


The deep objective is to encourage openness, to change attitudes through the younger ones. “The French reality is rather sad now seen from abroad. Our will is for children to realize what they have, to have points of comparison».


Julie and Vincent’s message is crystal clear:


There are no standard, each person is beautiful for what he or she is.


In The Eyes Of aims to raise awareness of the world with its human, climatic issues, but also to teach the younger ones to look into each other’s eyes, without prejudice, with harmless curiosity.


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