Look Around You: watching the world eye-to-eye

There are people who naturally and very seriously give the smile and create the hope.

The members of the new audiovisual collective Look Around You are made of that stuff.  Spirited and highly concerned, passionate and forward looking, they form a detonative cocktail ready “to change the world”. To be followed.





Travel, learn and understand the world through the picture


25-30 years. It is a gang of buddies born from carpooling and air travel meetings. It became a collective project of guys who want to highlight the diversity of the world.

Valentin Proult, Jules Vervust and Marc Royer travelled, had a common vision of ground beauties and the challenges to protect them. Clément Guilloux and Apolline Decrême joined them. A patchwork of strong personalities, the heart of Look Around You, federating an international and enthusiast network.


They are 100 % adventurers and resolutely free, biologist and geographer, director, cameraman, digital consultant, editor or graphic designer. In France, in Canada and Costa Rica, each lives on his business but gives a lot to the collective with a goal exceeding the scope of a classic company.

Look Around You is not that an enterprise created by some digital natives, it is a community project in the global scale. Just that!



Their method: imagine the exploration of ever handled lands or subjects. Observe the natural evolutions, melt into the scenery and live with the populations.

Their main tool: the documentary. The subject is treated under three aspects: the scientific approach, the specificities of the nature, the human watch.

Their aim: collect and archive the most authentic information. Share it by the image to raise awareness and imagine ways to find progressive solutions at the worldwide scale

Let speak the nature by the video rather than at the bottom of a lab or in dark technical reports. Share the exploration, the discovery and the adventure with anyone and everywhere.


Valentin, however scientific he is, adds “the question is why we are there? Where is our place? To try to answer it, we have to see the world such as it is. The biggest wealth today is the discovery. Moreover, we wish to include in our movies a making of to show backstage of the expedition.”



Soon on movie screens!


To reach their goal, these image makers will grasp all the opportunities. They empower themselves to travel according their envies and take risks. Kyrgyzstan, Northern Canada, Cape Verde or Peru, their first short movies will have to pass through documentary festivals to reach the next stage, television.

Following the example of Luc Jaquet and his Emperor, Look Around You fancies bursting cinema screens in 5 years. Safe to say they have ambition!


They all have a personal definition of the adventure. Jules does not probably imagine it without his camera. Valentin thinks about a loss of marks and for Apolline, it is at first the uncertainty. Marc tells “It is when I take a slap which is going to change my vision of the world”.



What they are the most proud (at the moment) it is the passion and the determination of every member of the collective. And also their capacity to join and create together in spite of personal routes and distances.


Freedom, taste of the adventure but also a freshness and a stunning energy, Look Around You is all that!

By inviting us in the pure journey, by sharing their love of the planet and its inhabitants, they could really shake the boundaries …






Here is a teaser of the new coming documentary from Look Around You production! The team has been traveling to the canadian boreal forest looking for a scarce commodity…Enjoy the video!


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