NomaDidge, the musical trip

Did you read our article dedicated to Gregory Zwingelstein and to his passion of the didgeridoo? In this case, you will be happy to learn that the festival he wanted to create played its first score in 2018; the kind of project that we support because it means a lot to us. It is NomaDidge. And if you ignore what is a didgeridoo and its sounds came from the bottom of ages, follow the guide …



An innovative and human-sized festival


Thanks to his network of friends, musicians, didgemakers and other enthusiasts, Gregory was able to achieve his project. NomaDidge brightened up Saint Jean du Gard during 3 days. Far from big productions, the family and friendly event nevertheless required a big work.

The philosophy of this festival requires great organizational skills.





It is about sensitizing a wide public in art and Australian ancestral culture. Build a quality and dense musical offer while facilitating the transmission between artists and festivalgoers; a program mixing 16 concerts with famous musicians and workshops where each can learn to blow, to make or to perfect.

Add a shaded park, a craft market, recreational activities and a campsite for festival-goers; the festival also chooses sustainable equipment to limit its ecological footprint.

Naturally, the help of the municipality is vital and Gregory adds that “24 top volunteers” played an essential role in the ambient serenity, without forgetting to thank Roadsign for its support. For the first edition, let’s say that it is a success.


No borders for music and sharing





The best musicians answered the call, coming from Europe and moreover. It is one of the strengths of NomaDidge.

You will be thinking of discovering the didgeridoo of the aborigines and a traditional music… you’ll be surprised!


You will shiver to the sound of unusual instruments like the cosmic bow or the hand pan. You will not believe your ears by listening to the harmony between didgeridoo and percussions or unknown hip-hop, beatbox and funky accents. At NomaDidge, the creativity has no borders.





Gauthier Aubé, great value of didgeridoo in Europe, tells about hospitality and the helpful staff but also insists on the real link with the public. “We are on stage and at the same time festivalgoers. There is no distance, no cut “.


Rudi Delarbre is better known under his stage name, Zalem. For this first edition of the festival, he performed in duet with Adèle, another didgeridoo player. As musician, he appreciated good technical conditions and the susceptible dancing and warm audience. But with his partner Jeremy Nattagh, he also played the role of sound technician. “At first sight, the concert hall could seem difficult to wire. But with a good material, we produced a pleasant sound and had good returns”.


To present the artists and liven up NomaDidge evenings, it was necessary to find a special Master of Ceremony. Gregory had already met Cedric Bertox on another festival.

Cédric is a magician, with a poetic and offbeat humor, a little hyperactive and been used to conductor’s role. The artist underlines the desire for sharing and the very human atmosphere. “The exchanges are easy. Everybody can tell his story and is also in the listening”.

The presenter points a merry challenge: “Many shows in three evenings of concerts, thus a lot of work. The natural and spontaneous exchanges between spectators and artists do that the timing is sometimes difficult to hold. But finally, it runs peacefully”





Been used to any sorts of events, Cédric adds that NomaDidge is not an elitist festival. “No need to be an initiated to appreciate him, no codes to be respected, an unpretentious, very well organized and really accessible festival; a successful bet”.


Nothing could go well without volunteers. Even there, the spirit of sharing worked wonders. Marine Arnal was a member of it and confirms it: “in mind of the festival, volunteers’ team immediately behaved as a family. Relaxed atmosphere, mutual aid, some friendships were even born “. Let us add that the distribution of tasks according to the preferences and the skills of each certainly facilitated their work. By staying in the service of festivalgoers, they were even able to join activities and concerts.





We put back that next year!


Set the date. Nomadidge will be back in Saint Jean du Gard next July.

For the second edition, the municipality even asked them to schedule a free opening concert on Thursday evening. Our interlocutors will doubtless be there and do not miss arguments to give you the envy for an escapade in the French Cévennes.

Gauthier encourages you to be curious “the didgeridoo is a thousand-year-old but extremely simple instrument with multiple sounds. It keeps us back to something surprising and easy to share “.

Rudi insists “the atmosphere is simple and warm. A cocoon festival really opened on the world”.

Cédric invites you “the programming is fresh, diverse. The festival is playful and friendly. It is necessary to come… now”.

Marine is delighted at the will to protect the size of the event which favors the link between artists and public and meetings in general.


Our single advice: try NomaDidge!




For more information, check NomaDidge website!

Pictures credits @Auka Sisa and @Didgeridoo Passion


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