Perrine Chugg, traveler, mom and tramp

Definitely optimistic, Perrine appeared while we were looking for a cook on the Roadsign Tour de France. “I do not cook but I can drive!” She drove and get on the team with happiness. Since then, this voracious traveler continues to learn about the world in varied lands… but not alone.


A Supersized life


Very early, Perrine wanted to escape from the daily life of a rather homebody family.

At 18, she trains and begins to work as educator with children. Feeling cramped in her native Belgium, she leaves. France, South Africa, humanitarian missions in Burkina Faso and Mali … She works for Disney and spends one year in Spain for a Brittany company. And in the meantime, a 6 months stay as au pair in Great Britain which is going to widen her horizon!


It only took a single meeting in York with Joshua, a young Australian. Love at first sight and a bet that he throws before leaving: “If we do not meet again within 3 years, you come to Australia.” Some e-mails then fewer contacts. In 2008, Perrine gets ready to leave for a super job in South America. The bet comes to an end and she receives a message. Impossible for her to fly away for Australia, she has just joined the Tour de France caravan … Never mind, Joshua takes the plane to France! Doesn’t that look as the beginning of a romantic comedy?






Perrine gave up the job of her dreams and quit everything for Australia. “I told myself if I crash, I return. A tricky decision but I have never regretted. ”

In Australia, she was able to quench her will to discover: the New South Wales and Perth on the West with a few months interlude in Belgium in 2012 for a first birth and finally, Tasmania where Joshua picks up a new job. Our globe-trotter lady adapts everywhere even if she clearly prefers life under the sun. “Tasmania, it is small and not really tropical. It is rainy, green and less warm. It looks like Europe. My husband also found there his family and my pregnancies very well passed …”


One, two then three little suns!


Between each moving, the Chugg family grew rich of three little fairies who are 5, 4 and 2 years old today. To those who wonder of these ceaseless movements in spite of the presence of young children, Perrine answers “what we lose in safety we gain in freedom”. The main part for her is teaching her girls the world, the difference, the tolerance. It is what liven her up. She breaks rituals and rejects the routine. For the sharing, Perrine also became a doula who accompanies women in their pregnancy.

The girls already have different characters and their mom helps them to bloom wherever they are. It needs a wonderful energy to pull, manage and satisfy all these little persons but Perrine adds “at least, we won’t regret not to have seized opportunities.”




These boots are made for walking… and that’s just what they’ll do


In the proverb “Go where the moment leads you”, Perrine would add “in any circumstances and rather barefoot “. But at the moment, shoes remain essential …

In 2017, Joshua picked up an interesting job for an American company which led him to… Mongolia.

He was spending four weeks on site and then two weeks on vacation. From May 2017 till January 2018, his “women” returned to Belgium where he joined them during his holidays. Was not it easier to live all together? The employer agreed to adapt the job and the tribe was able to gather in Ulan Bator from February 2018.


“A thermal shock, upon our arrival, it was 27 ° below! But we are favored “. Apartment, transport and fees at the international school for the elder daughter are covered. Perrine discovers with greed her new living environment. The neighborhood consists of Mongolian and expatriates and the moms share tasks and experience.




Very fast, she took a solo escapade to the Ices Festival of Khövsgöl. Listening to her, we feel that she devoured every moment of these five days during which she slept at the inhabitant’s. “On the frozen lake, there are fights, races and horses. There are a lot of local crafts, jewels, clothes with pink and mauve for the dresses of the men. I was proud to wear a Del, the traditional festive dress “.


Of her meetings with her hosts and the nomads, she has already held that here, we do not refuse the food and that to apologize for having walked on the foot of somebody, we immediately have to shake hands with him. But what pleases her most is “an incredible sense of community. The notion of personal space or individuality is reduced. They speak to you a few centimeters away from the face and enter your tent without asking. The main thing is hospitality.”


Today, her elder daughter goes to school, the middle sister practices the dance and the smallest spends a lot of time outside with her mom. Perrine sees the spring arriving with delight at the idea of family strolls without caps, gloves, down jackets and boots …

If the human heat is very present in Mongolia, we still perceive a light desire for tropics. “We shall see when the winter will come back, that remains open “. You are told that Perrine is a traveler and tramp…





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