Roadsign, a brand traveling but not alone

Few opportunity today to share new stories or portraits relating to travel… It must be said that the difficulties we are all living slows down many projects. Before we hit the road again, let’s take a quick glance at our journey with one of our closest partners, Jérôme Lollier.

[ A new fellow traveller ]

We met Jérôme in 2005, during the Tour de France. Communication consultant, he was working on this event for several years. The general management of the Tour had invited the organisers of the Adelaide Down Under Tour, a famous professional cycling race born in 1999. It made sense that Roadsign, worldwide brand, iconic of the country and created in Adelaide, enters the loop. The encounter between Wolfgang Paul, manager of Roadsign and Jérôme was warm and gave birth to an Australian promotional unit at the heart of the Tour advertising caravan.

Until 2009, we worked together each year on the event. This communication on the Tour de France has allowed the brand to increase its influence in France and widely in Europe. The number of corporate partners selling Roadsign products under license has multiplied.

In 2008, Wolfgang and Jérôme flew together to Australia to meet Roger Carthrew, founder of the brand. A critical trip to understand and appreciate Roadsign DNA.

[ A partnership based on our core values ]

Roadsign had found its way in Europe but then, we felt the need to focus our communication strategy on the brand spirit, “The meeting between humans and nature”. Roadsign is inspired by the positive values of the travel, the share and discover of the world while respecting people and environment.

At this time, Jérôme decided to create his own sports events. He imagined THE TRACK, a 520 km running race through the Australian Outback. For the first edition in 2011, he asked for Roadsign partnership. The opportunity to position the brand on a more intimate and less media event, in touch with our liberty and simplicity values. Over three years, he managed the crazy project of a challenge gathering 5 ultramarathons on 5 continents. We are so happy to be the flagship of this beautiful adventure called Roadsign Continental Challenge since 2014. Jérôme outlines this sharing of strong values:

“In 2009, during a quite tricky period for Wolfgang and me, we decided to fully support each other while taking new paths in our respective activities. Our common values and our wish to move mountains led us to believe in our dreams. A kind of pact was born, more than a simple partnership, when Roadsign decides to prop up the events I shall organize.”

[ A solid pact, common challenges ]

Roadsign profits from goodwill for years. Its DNA close to the nature and its famous logo are still considered as a national symbol by Australian authorities. Defying time and the vagaries of global economy, it proves to be an Australian brand of lifestyle clothes and accessories dedicated to lovers of journey and nature.

Today, Maxime Paul, Wolfgang’s son, watches over the brand and marks the path for its worldwide licenses. It’s about maintaining clothes and accessories quality while communicating on consistent actions. Promote performance and surpassing as means of progress, foster a respectful discovery of the planet, persons and cultures.

Our pact with Jérôme runs for 10 years. Beyond the 5 years of collaboration on the Tour de France and the values shared through Canal Aventure, we still run common challenges making of him a faithful and true ambassador of the Roadsign brand.

More information about the Roadsign Continental Challenge

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