ROADSIGN: Style and design for a timeless Brand

There are marks for surfers, skiers, for city dwellers, for sportsmen, or dedicated to the fashionistas, classics, luxury brands, low-cost ones … and there is Roadsign, attached to its original values: nature, freedom, simplicity, inspired by the journey and the adventure.

How to create clothes and accessories reflecting our sources of inspiration and the Roadsign spirit? Lindsey Nechelput, faithful stylist and designer, helps us answer this question.



A strong Brand Identity


Roadsign creates clothes and accessories but, more than fashion, we want to share a vision of the world, a lifestyle. There is no question of pleasing everybody.


It is more about proposing quality products, accessible and making people feeling good anywhere. Jackets or shoes which we put on as well on Mondays mornings to go to the office that on Saturdays for a friend meeting in the countryside.


Is it a challenge or utopia? Let us call it an alternative.




Is it necessary to have a strict or sophisticated look to work or go out in town? Can we adopt a casual, comfortable look in any circumstances? How to imagine a practical outdoor garment which will be trendy? Here are some questions which the Roadsign team tries to answer by creating its collections.


Every cloth or accessory has to tell the story of the one who wears it.


The Roadsign style evokes a friendly atmosphere, an opening up to others and the unknown, a positive attitude.



Inspiration – Brainstorming – Collection



The creation of a collection is our first adventure. It begins with a styling book and about it, Lindsey is a little the “keeper of the flame”.


Designer, she imagines close or distant environments, various contexts good for escape and discovery and then stages them. Stylist, she brightens these universes with trendy colors, adapted materials and smart details.


The Roadsign collections open windows on all kinds of fashion journeys:


The city associated with a grey cloud, red fire and blush pink fashion where urban explorer pushes his comfort zone with style. The city adventurer can also discover mysterious places while wearing a sober streetwear in the khaki, vanilla or deep blue tones, filled with cunning details.


Far and natural horizons where we want to go to refresh our daily life and share more with the others. From glasses to shoes, green cactus, coral or ocean marry exotic motives for colorful escapades.



This imaginary also leaves its place to a positive nostalgia. Green lagoon, dashing orange or coconut shades married to some striped give parts and accessories a unique retro-charm.


Among all those ideas, we have to make choices and adjustments related to the manufacturing or cultural specificities of our clients. But no compromise on our values!


At Roadsign, we believe there is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.


To embellish their daily life, Roadsigners do not try to stick perfectly fashionable. They rather want to feel good in their own style, whatever is the environment.



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