The Brand
Roadsign is an Australian Outdoor and Lifestyle Brand. We offer clothing and accessories for the people who love travelling.

Our qualitative and comfortable products are designed to convey a feel-good style to our active and cosmopolitan clients in any setting.

Beyond our products, we want to share with you the Roadsign’s values and Spirit.

Our Mission

To provide quality products for the people who love travelling.

To commit to social and environmental sustainability.

To encourage people to travel and to meet other.

The Story

The Roadsign Australia’s Company is the result of a non common story that took place in the middle of the 80’s in Adelaide South Australia. To understand the purpose of this story, we have to step back in the beginning of the 70s, when a journey to Australia was considered as “a journey to the moon”.

Few people could afford any travelling ticket to visit the “edge of the world”.

For that reason, anyone that was visiting the country wanted to bring back home any exclusive souvenir to their relatives. Hence many of these first “Backpackers” visiting Australia were stealing those iron yellow “road signs” on the side of the roads, which could only been found in this part of the world. This resulted in an increase of animals accidents, and so a brilliant idea was born.

Roger Carthew, a student from Adelaide, began replicating the emblematic “road signs” in 1985, and ever since has been selling them on all continents. With its sales proceeds, the Great Australian Roadsign Company financed the first farms and animal hospitals, where injured animals are treated and cared for.

Since 2000 Roadsign is Monitored by the company Kangaroo Island in Paris, now in charge of the worldwide development of the Brand.

Our Commitment

People are our main concern.

We want to ensure an education for the children who will make the world of tomorrow and protect the nature.

We are opening primary school in regions of India where a lack of resources means that education for all is not guaranteed. Our organisation also continues working to protect animal life in Australia. On our farms around Adelaide, we take in and care for wild animals injured on outback roads.

If you wish to develop further projects in relation with our values and commitment, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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