The great story of Roadsign: the Man behind the Brand


I am Roger Carthew. I am one of those fortunate who always knew Australia. I was born in this country-continent, vast barren land, so far away, that one of our poets describes “as a romance with the nature “.

Over centuries, our corner of the world attracted all kinds of explorers with various intents but each time, the beauty of its great outdoors and this feeling that everything is possible here persuaded them to stay.



In the 70’s, I was at the university in Adelaide. I surfed a lot, roamed the bush and met fascinating people, same way with aborigines that on the coast.

At that time, the first ” backpackers ” came from the whole world to achieve their dream of freedom, travel and sharing, crossing the country as they could, in step with human or animal meetings.

Their road was tagged with traffic signs warning of wild animals crossing. The Australian fauna is of an unsuspected richness: from kangaroo to crocodile, from koala to emu, from wombat to opossum

… and more. Finally, many of these travelers stole these panels to bring home a souvenir; without understanding that such an attitude would lead to accidents hurting seriously lots of animals.



Nowadays, the magic between man and Australian nature always operates. Except for one detail: no more need to extract signs because, by leaving the university, I had the idea to set up Roadsign …


At first, it was all about replacing the missing panels but very fast, we declined the Australian road markings in pocket version, easier to store in its suitcase. And we dedicated to conservation of the fantastic Australian environment; at first by financing the creation of sanctuaries for wounded animals. Trust me: bottle-feeding a baby kangaroo, it is quite an adventure!


Today, Roadsign became an Australian emblem. Our panels are no longer confined to animals. Many are real winks to our culture, often laced with a humor that natives appreciate. And then, we created ranges of clothes and equipment dedicated to the travelers.



Roadsign takes care to remain eco – friendly and always lead protection programs of the wildlife.

It is true that I am an incurable traveler, optimistic and in love with my country. Almost all descendants of immigrants, the Australian are viscerally attached to this land, it to be shaken by cyclones, destroyed by bush-fire, glowing or crushed by heat.


By spreading this message worldwide, the Roadsign teams place very high our values of freedom, environmental care and simplicity.

My greatest happiness: each time somebody acquires one of our products, he takes with him a little piece of Australia.

My philosophy is simple: you have to give so that life gives you in return, but always with pleasure and desire.



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