Thomas Herdieckerhoff : the German adventurer

This 25-years-old man living in Munich plays keyboard and camera with the same talent. Mountain lover, he has already explored hidden corners by thirty countries on five continents to share the images and the story of his adventures.



Tell the real journey



To discover Thomas’s escapades, follow the track of the german adventurer.

Entitled “Real adventure travel blog”, his site is not only a way to publish photos. It aims at telling and sharing the excitement, the experience of the real adventure, by showing the beauty and the uniqueness of every visited territory. Thomas wants the authenticity of his stories to challenge the readers.



He also insists on the use of this word. “It seems ridiculous to me to call adventure a short trip to taste the new “horchata latte” in coffee places in Mexico City or go on a shopping tour in Dubai…. The word adventure can be reserved for experiences that involve leaving your comfort zone, going to wild, unknown places”.

A little salutary check on the meaning of real adventure travel!

You rarely find Thomas at one of the most famous Instagram hotspots. It is hard for him to understand the pleasure one can have to visit and photograph these crowded places. Sometimes he crosses these touristic spots but he is constantly searching for unknown landscapes, unique viewpoints off the beaten track.



His images and stories all have one goal: encourage people to live the same adventures, while sharing tips and tricks about unique destinations.

With his content, he tells stories that have not been told before and hope to motivate people to go where not many have gone.


Adventure version 3.0


The adventure, Thomas chooses to live it and likes sharing it as he did it recently in Santa Cruz’s trek in Peru which he did with his brother and sister. You are not dealing with a lonesome adventurer defying alone all the stumbling blocks of his journeys as in the classic adventure novels. No!

Graduate of a Master’s degree in business, Thomas is a young man anchored in his time, at the same time curious, opened to the world, pragmatic and sincere.

On his blog, you will find an invitation to work together, a frank and assumed call as we rarely see on this kind of sites.

“Using my skills as a photographer and adventurer, I am looking forward to creating visually engaging and interesting content for both editorial and commercial purposes”.




His analysis of product placements, sponsoring and advertisements from bloggers and Instagramers provide valuable insights and is absolutely frank:

« Influencer marketing, product placements, content marketing and branding through storytelling are rapidly growing markets. Such rapid developments always carry the danger to in a wrong direction. That is why influencers should try to close sensible, appropriate partnerships and make them apparent. I only work with companies whose products or services I know and support and that fit into my niche. For paid content, I select endorsements that are interesting to my target audience and I try to make it visually appealing and non-intrusive. This way I think we can create high quality content value to people and doesn’t bother them too much ».



Desires and projects


Thomas has been on assignment for numerous tourism boards, brands and guiding agencies and tells it has been a great experience. He will very soon go to climb the Aconcagua in Argentina, a project leaded by Grajales Expeditions (; He will document the whole mountain project on his blog and Instagram.

He promises great images and hopes to go on creating engaging content for those who are passionate about outdoors.


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