Thomas Philip Kolstrøm  - Living beyond the Arctic Circle

We call him Philip. He chose to live in family in the Alps of Lyngen, beyond the Arctic Circle. An extraordinary living place for a simple but not ordinary man …



Philip knows the region like his back pocket as he explored it by walking, running and skiing since his youngest age. Ancestral Norwegians, his parents were born in the north of the country. His father very early transmitted him the love of wild spaces, by skiing in winter and fishing in summer.

“I really love long runs in the mountains and this feeling to be free, in tune with the nature”.

As a paradise all white in winter and green in summer, the Alps of Lyngen offer unforgettable sceneries, between sea and mountain. A patchwork of frozen lands free of human presence, changing colors of the fjords never freezing, thick forests of pines and birches.

Adding that these majestic summits are only 5 minutes far from his home, Philip feels proud and happy.




He has not always lived here in Lakselvbukt next to the blue waters of Sorfjorden where people come to see Northern Lights. Maybe 300 inhabitants spread out for something like twenty kilometers; Let imagine the space they have!

Having studied fisheries economics at the Artic University of Norway, Philip worked for a big Norwegian bank and lived in Tromsø, the regional capital, with his girlfriend and their first son.

He already had in mind to find a place of really natural life for his small family. He stays amazed to have been lucky enough to find here an old house to buy, a new job nearby for his girlfriend who works as a nurse and for him, a post in a bank 40 minutes from home. They just had to wait for the birth of a second boy. The children are 4 years and 1.5 year old today.




Every morning, Philip opens eyes on this Arctic landscape with changeable sky, so moving in the midnight sun. He lives every day in this pristine landscape that so many skiers and walkers dream to discover.


Philip admits that these last two years were naturally dedicated to restore the house. He also had to take care of the babies, especially when their mom had nightshifts. Fewer time to devote to his passion for skiing but he assures that the family passes at first.

For him, Lakselvbukt is not so “far”: grocer’s shop, house for the elderly but also a school, a day nursery, fjords and mountains. He worries little because the nursery welcomes only 9 children.

“Lakselvbukt is a magic place for our boys. They will be skiing, running and maybe hunting in autumn. It would be a pity that the school close, it is an ideal place to grow up “.

And a place where the word share takes all its sense, as shown by the group of inhabitants who made together wooden spoons while waiting for the arrival of runners to the check point during the Ultra NORWAY Race 2016.




Philip is athletic and has moreover won a local race of 3 days with impressive drops in 2014.

Running seems to be an affair in the Kolstrøm family and now Philip returns to his passion: next February, he will participate with two of his sisters in one ultramarathon in England. He intends to be modestly classified among ten first ones.  “I needed a new short-term goal. As the boys will grow older, I hope to keep motivation for running and explore the surroundings. There is so many summits that I did not achieve! And I have big projects …”


Child of the Far North, adventurer by nature and thoughtful father … Philip is ready to meet all these challenges, convinced that living in this magic set is an opportunity, even a necessity.


Thanks Philip!

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