Wild Spoons or how Julien shapes his life

When traveling, one can dream up his life” says Julien Navarre, founder of Wild Spoons. Words we like and a good reason to get acquainted.

[ Follow the road and find your own way ]

Born in the seventies, Julien defines this period as a generation where people were learning life through the objects. An era where anybody got used to desire and buy it all, a generation of impatience. “As a kid, objects made me dream but I have held out. I never buried my dreams.”

His teen getaways with buddies building wood shacks in the forest probably helped. As his jack-of-all temperament takes him away from a well-paved road. Graduated in micromechanics and after a several odd jobs, he finally joins railways. Fan of photography and art, he also plays music and organizes parties with the will to be part of a movement “and to see my DJ name on a flyer ☺”. After three years climbing on the railways tracks, he take the chance of an internal training to change course… formed at graphics, he joins a design studio in the same company. “But too much security leads to immobility; when I have nothing, I feel more alive.”

In his thirties, he quits his job to launch a small business. The adventure will lead him to Hong-Kong, involved in developing Hello Kitty products! Strong marketing strategy, backstage of the mass distribution, a world that does not fit him.

“At school, thanks to books, we were given romance. And it is comforting to think that you can live your dreams.” Move, leave your comfort zone, getting closer to what calms us and makes us happy. Julien make a choice.

He makes a reputation in the field of wedding photography, a support and seasonal activity (but rich of nice meets) while buying a van to live the way he wants, through landscapes and friendships.

[ Enrich with all the beauties of the world ]

In love with life and nature, sensitive and curious, esthete and passionate, Julien is all this, for sure! Hitting the road with no plans means feeling strong emotions, reaping memories that inspire and never fade away.

Listening to him speaking of the West Coast and especially Oregon “It is so beautiful, all is coherent” is enough to be convinced. Over the layovers in Turkey, Quebec, China, Nepal, India or Scandinavia, the estheticism of scenes and people met affects him deeply.

Though being nomadic and a real traveler, one should know sometimes how to stop, to rest, to take roots. After a dozen years trip full of movement, discovery, strong friendship and nice encounters, the Wild Spoons adventure begins.

[ Wild Spoons, a creative shelter in the heart of an adventurous life ]

Having experienced the unknown, the discovery and the surprise also helps to know ourselves better, to know what we need.

Julien has always loved wood and hand tools. This noble material growing all over the world occupies an important place in his childhood memories. His travels aroused the desire to work ad to sculpt it, inspired by the encountered cultures. He must find a place to carry out his project.

Early 2020, he stops his truck on a field facing the Pyrenees, in a region where younger he used to come for holidays. That’s it! He adores kitchen tools and will craft hand-made wooden spoons. It seems to be reasonable, a van is not so wide and he has no wood shop but in fact, inspiration comes from far.

 “The idea is to design a basic, simple and usual object and transform it into a jewel.” Wooden spoons are in almost every kitchen in the world… but in Julian’s hands, they become unique objects, pieces of art. “The object must caress the eye.”

He creates from maple, sycamore, birch, walnut, pear, apple, cherry or chestnut. His strong personality models are called Nomad, Z-bone, Savane, Ming-Phô, Mississippi, Machu Picchu, Marsupilami or Cereal Killer… A melting pot of styles made for giving an unexpected touch of poetry to the kitchen.

Each one is unique, “I don’t want to make a common object but unique objects. In any case, the veins of the wood already give each spoon a different character”.

He adds that this creativity is a great way to avoid boredom, repetition and fashion. His imagination floats with travel memories, cultures encountered and gives each Wild Spoon a scent from abroad. The name and most of all the logo of his small creative business is inspired of a family travel in Brazil when he was 4 years old and met Amazonian Indians during a pirogue trip… His first met with exotism. Julien is building a real manufacturing workshop besides his van. But make no mistake, he did not give up the adventure.

If he has spent the last five winters on the island of Goa, by the time you read these lines, he will probably still be in Ibiza… where he went to deliver his old van called “Sioux” (can’t make this up!) sold to a friend. Between nomadism and roots, through this outstanding craftsmanship, Julien is still traveling.

More information about Julien on Instagram and on his website: wildspoons.fr

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